Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get from this book…

Lots of Lucrative Business Ideas

The book discusses over 100 very lucrative business ideas in Nigeria many of which most Nigerians never knew were so profitable. Most business people do not divulge the amount of money they make to avoid competition but this book exposes all those secrets to help you find the perfect business idea and become successful in business as well.

How to Start

Apart from giving you many secret lucrative business ideas in Nigeria, this book also tells you how to go about starting each of these businesses; requirements, equipment needed, minimum startup capital and much more.

Tips & Advice

For every business idea in this book, there are tips and advice you can use to become very successful in whichever one you choose. There are also general business tips & advice to help you succeed in any business.

Pros & Cons

Every business has its pros and cons and this book covers them for each of the business ideas in it. This will give you the necessary insight to decide whether a business is worth pursuing or not.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Every business has a different profit margin or return on investment, to help you make the right choice, each business idea has an estimated ROI attached to it.

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