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Tekton Pipelines Training

Tekton is an open-source framework built upon the Kubernetes platform for the modern days software development process. Its core components are the Tekton Pipelines, which are employable for creating continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) systems. Tekton also allow advanced application deployment patterns across hybrid environments or multiple cloud providers while utilizing cloud-native CI/CD tools efficiently.

UpSkeel’s instructor-led, live and interactive Tekton training online or offline is aimed at developers and DevOps engineers or for any IT porfessionals who wants to leann Tekton Pipelines for deploying there complex software development workflows and building automated CI/CD pipelines.

Prerequisite to learn Tekton

  • Linux commands
  • Fundamental of Kubernetes
  • Basic understanding of automation tools

Tekton Course Outline/Tekton Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Setting Up the Development Environment for Tekton Framework
    • System requirements and Kubernetes cluster for Tekton Pipelines
    • Enabling Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
    • Granting user roles and permissions
  • Installing Tekton Pipelines and Fundamental Tekton Components
    • Providing a Persistent Volume for CI/CD workflow storage management
    • Working with the Tekton CLI
  • Overview of Tekton Pipelines Features and Architecture
    • Getting Started with Kubernetes objects and the Tekton API
    • Introduction to CI/CD workflows with Tekton Pipelines
    • What are the Steps, Tasks, and Pipelines?
    • Utilizing Tekton Pipelines Resources
  • Creating and Configuring a Task Using Tekton Pipelines
    • Task v.s. ClusterTask
    • Defining Steps as the building blocks of a pipeline Task
    • Running reserved directories using Tasks by Tekton Pipelines
    • Running scripts within Steps in Tekton Pipelines
    • Specifying and adding necessary fields for manipulating Steps executions
  • Implementing Variable Substitution for Task Entities in Tekton Pipelines
  • Inspecting and Debugging the Structure of a Task File and the Pod
  • Instantiating and Executing a Tekton Pipeline Task with TaskRun
    • Configuring TaskRun and specifying a target Task
    • Manipulating Tekton Bundles and other Tekton resources
    • Configuring and specifying the required Tekton Pipelines fields
  • Canceling Task Executions and Deleting a Running Pod
  • Monitoring the Status of a Running Task in Tekton Pipelines
    • Keeping track of Tekton Pipelines Steps and results
  • Overview of Kubernetes Events in Tekton Pipelines TaskRuns
  • Creating and Configuring Pipelines using Tekton Pipelines
    • Declaring Pipeline fields and operational objects
    • Adding a Task to Tekton Pipelines and extending the CI/CD workflow
  • Working with the Results of a Pipeline Execution in Tekton Pipelines
    • Passing Task results into other Task parameters
    • Releasing and collecting pipeline results
  • Adding Descriptions and Final Tekton Pipelines Commands
  • Utilizing Custom Tasks for Implementing Pipeline Behaviors
  • Executing and Monitoring Tekton Pipelines
    • Providing field requirements and necessary Pipeline entities
    • Referencing remote Pipelines with Tekton Bundles
    • Mapping Pipeline values to a specific Task
    • Managing timeout values and errors of a running Pipeline
    • Monitoring and canceling the status of a Pipeline
  • Overview of Kubernetes Events in Tekton Pipelines PipelineRuns
  • Sharing and Configuring Workspaces in Tasks and Pipelines
    • Utilizing Workspaces in Tasks
    • Utilizing Workspaces in Pipelines
    • Instantiating a VolumeSources field in Tekton Pipelines Workspaces
    • Implementing Kubernetes Persistent Volumes within a Pipeline execution
  • Creating and Employing Your Own Pipeline Resources
    • Use cases for Pipeline resources
    • Types of Pipelines resources and how to run them
  • Handling Authentication Concepts and Processes in Tekton Pipelines
  • Using Custom Kubernetes Labels for Tekton Pipelines Entities
  • Recording Tekton Logs for TaskRuns and PipelineRuns
  • Optimizing Pipelines Using Tekton Pipelines Controller Metrics
  • Advancing Variable Substitutions in Tekton Pipelines for Better CI/CD Systems
  • Deploying and Securing Tekton Pipelines Projects
  • Integrating Tekton Pipelines Projects with the Cloud
  • Troubleshooting
  • Summary and Conclusion


Yolanda Cardona

Yolanda Cardona

Senior Instructor

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